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Australian Mist Cat Breed Profile - Breed Information with Description & Photos

Australian Mist Cat Breed Profile  Photos and Description
Australian Mist Cat



Dr  Truda Straede using half Burmese and a quarter each of Abyssinian and Domestic cat developed the Australian Mist. From the Burmese we get the dilution for the colours, four of the colours and some of the pattern plus they're laid back nature. From the Abyssinian came the ticking, which developed the pattern, two more colours and a touch of lively intelligence. Domestics contributed to the best spots but mostly to the vigour of the breed.

Australian Mist Description

There is nothing extreme about the Australian Mist; they are of moderate size, medium boned, rounded of head with large eyes and ears. The coat is short but resilient; the tail is plumply furred. The colours are brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach. They come in two patterns: delicate spots or intricate marbled swirls against a misty background, with legs and tail ringed and barred, and the faceAustralian Mist Cat Breed Profile  Photos and Description lined. Eyes are large and expressive in a range of green-  

Australian Mist Personality

The most outstanding aspect of the Australian Mist is its temperament.  The kittens are lively but not boisterous. They are an extremely affectionate breed and very people orientated. They prefer to spend their time with their owners and are always involved in family activities. The even temperament makes them excellent pets for anyone even very young children.


More Australian Mist Photos




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