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Burmese Cat Breeders
Australia Only

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Please note, Australian listings are in alphabetical order according to state. ACT, NSW, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia

 ACT  Burmese Cat Breeders

Canberra. ACT Australia

Live Your Life with a Burmese.
We usually have kittens available throughout the year

Most colours arrive at different
times just to surprise us!

Phone: 026242 7936

Website                  Email

Warbo Burmese Cats



NSW Burmese Cat Breeders

Seraphim Burmese is the perfect place to find a
beautiful burmese kitten, bred with passion and love.

Located in Terrey Hills - between North Shore
and Northern Beaches Sydney

Kittens available.

Please contact Carolyn Poulsen on 02 9450 1425 or 0410 500 734

Website                    Email

Seraphin Burmese Cats



Burmese Cat Breeders

Kittens from Jovelles come in all standard colours
including the beautiful torties.
All kittens when sold as pets will be fully vaccinated,
desexed and micro-chipped.
They are born and raised in our home
so have wonderful temperaments

Phone:: 07 4637 0058
Website               Email

Jovelles Burmese Cattery



 Tasmania  Burmese Cat Breeders

Copperkee Burmese Cat Breeders

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 Victoria  Burmese Cat Breeders

Breeding quality Burmese kittens
in all colours

Health and temperament guaranteed.
Proudly registered with the
Feline Control Council (Vic) Inc.

Website              Email

Killara Burmese Cat


Raised underfoot,
breeding for personality!

Phone:  0423 724 133


Visit Our Website

Arsenios Burmese Mandalays Siamese



 Western Australia  Burmese Cat Breeders

Nick Skeet, Perth WA

Tel 08 9455 5656 (Home)
0423 821303 (Mob)

Healthy, outgoing kittens of all colours often available
from our all imported UK lines.

Website                           Email

Riordan Burmese Cat


Charob Burmese Cats

Breeding Quality Burmese kittens
with love in our home.

Each kitten is registered with CATSWA
(Feline Control Council of W.A.(inc))
and comes vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and desexed with his own kitten pack,
litter, information folder etc.


Charmaine: Telephone (08) 9394 0008
or Jodie 0410 465 652


Website                  Email




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