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Tortie Burmese Cat

Burmese Cats
Blue Burmese Cat

Photo Burmese Cat

Photo Burmese Cat
Brown Burmese Cat

Photo Burmese Cat

Photo Burmese Cat



Photo Burmese Cat

Photo Burmese Cat

chocolate burmese

Lilac Burmese Cat

4 Photos above courtesy of Shepbrae

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Burmese Kitten
Burmese Kitten

Burmese Kitten



The Burmese is very friendly, inquisitive cat with an outgoing, loving nature - this is why Burmese cats are one of the most popular breeds. It has been said that the Burmese are more like dogs than cats in their behaviour. When encouraged from kitten hood, they will fetch. They will greet you at the door when you come home and comfort you when you are ill or unhappy - they give unconditional love. More information on Burmese Cats



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