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Cat Enclosures - Suppliers & Builders Page 2

Cat Enclosure Outside Cat Run Page 1 Cat Enclosures & Cat Run Pictures & Ideas
Page 2 Pet Enclosure Builders & Suppliers-With Pictures
Page 3 Luxury outdoor cat run
Page 4
A Cat Enclosure all cats dream of




DIY pet enclosures are not for everyone. There are many professional outdoor cat run and enclosure builders in Australia that cater to everyone's needs. Some of them are listed below.

Pet Enclosures are available in standard sizes or custom made to your requirements. They can be purchased in flat packs or erected for you. Clear netting is another option to keep your cats safe from the outside world while still giving them access to view the great outdoors

The Outdoor Cat Run from Omlet is available in two heights. The Hi-Rise version allows you to literally walk in to spend more time with your cats. Your pet will be able to run anjump about and there is plenty of space for a bed, scratching post, litter tray, food and water bowl, and any other accessories you want to add. You could even set up a deck chair to sit back and relax with your pets. The Lo-Rise Version is a new concept, giving your cats plenty of secure floor space, at a lower height and a lower price (of course if you are less than 1.16m tall you can still walk in).

The Omlet outdoor cat run comes flat packed and is quick and easy self assembly – it just clips together. Available from 2m x 2m up to 7m x 3m you can choose the size that works for your backyard. It also comes with a skirt around the edge that can be pegged into the ground to stop other animals from digging in.

Priced from $549 plus delivery.

Visit our website for more information.


At Catworks we design and build quality cat enclosures, cat fences and cat ledges.

We are a small family owned and run business.

We will design a cat enclosure to fit into your home, fit in with your life style and work into your budget.

We service all areas from Melbourne, SE suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.


Our enclosures carry a five year netting guarantee it is soft, unobtrusive yet remains strong and secure for your cat.

Ben our manager has been in the building industry for 10 years and has personally installed every enclosure to date, ensuring quality comes first every time.

Visit CatWorks website for more details

Cat Containment

Cat Containment

Cat Containment


Oscillot Cat Containment Solutions

Watch the Video

Without the Oscillot® System, cats can generally escape over any Colourbond®, timber or even masonry fence regardless of height.

In fact, most cats can clear up to five times their own height in a standing jump!

The Oscillot® Ali-Kitty®Paddle System is a unique cat containment product consisting of a series of four-bladed paddles which are mounted along fence lines between end posts containing bearings that allow the paddles to spin freely when touched. As soon as a cat trying to scale a fence places a paw on the Oscillot Paddle, it acts like a step which then begins to spin. The cat cannot get traction and drops back to the ground.

Visit Oscillot Cat Containment Solutions for more details


Cat Enclosure with Aerial run

Park around Tree
Shadehouse around a tree linked via an
Aerial cat tunnel to the house.

Cat enclosures around trees! Great idea
Visit CatNip website for more details

Cat Enclosures\

A Modular Cat Park is a network of galvanized (or powder coated) mesh modules that are interconnected by tunnels, beginning from the cat door in your house. Remember - one module is a cat cage and two or more is a Cat Park.

Stockists and Installers available in Brisbane (QLD), Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide (SA), Hobart (TAS) and Perth (WA).

Visit CatNip website for more details


Cat Walkways to the outside

Cat Enclosures available in standard sizes or custom made to your requirements. Sturdy steel construction in D.I.Y Flat Packs or assembled and installed. Cat proof netting is a specialty and can be used to close in patios, verandahs and sides of houses, even a whole back yard.

Cat Tunnels

Modules can be attached to your home with tunnels using either a window box or cat door. Modules come flat packed with full easy to follow instructions for the handyman or can be fully assembled and delivered to your door    
Visit Aussie Cat Enclosures for more details


Enclosed Patio for cats

Some of the many ways cat owners can choose to have Clear cat net
installed are side awnings, garden cat enclosures, verandah sections,
catteries, roof top stretches and free standing and portable units
for the home or unit renter.

Cat Netting Enclosing side of the house

Visit Catmax website for more details

Classic Pet Enclosures

Cat Tunnels

Galvanised Outside Cat Enclosure Complete with cat tunnels and shelf for bedding. Wire cat tunnels can go from your house to the cat enclosure


Outdoor cat cages

Complete with outdoor cat tunnels and a shelf for bedding. Wire cat tunnels can go from your house to the cat enclosure is your one-stop shop for all cat enclosure products. Whether you are looking for a freestanding cat enclosure, D.I.Y materials for a self-installation , or want a full measure and quote, we can help. Our aim is to be able to offer cat-proof netting and accessories at affordable prices, right across Australia. We sell netting by the metre, along with stainless steel wire rope, net zippers, net clips, fence brackets and more

We pride ourselves on efficient service. We aim to answer all email enquiries within 1 working day, and most orders can be dispatched same-day upon receipt of payment. We supply netting and DIY accessories Australia wide, with no minimum orders. Regardless of if you need 1m x 1m of cat net through to a large commercial cattery, has netting to suit. We realise that no one installation (or cat) is the same, and as a result have three types of nets available to choose from.

Visit CatNets website for more details


Yates Fabrication

Quality, all steel quality cat enclosures ... your choice of powder coating colors..... Day and night enclosures available..... Full roof and enclosed end for shelter (night model)..... Two marine carpeted shelves included in the price (day and night models)..... Our enclosures consist of panels that can be added onto at any time or dismantled and moved easily if needed. Connecting tunnels also available

Our business is located in Geelong and we strive to provide a better quality,better value cat enclosures for our clients much loved feline friends..... Made to measure projects are welcome or we have standard enclosures available now. Standard day runs from $480..... Give Mark a call to discuss your requirements..... 03 5248 0013  or 0402419837 or email enquiries welcome







Deluxe cat enclosure with pond, bridge, waterfall and tunnels

More enclosures, cat run photos and ideas

Plans and diagrams detailing how to build a cat enclosure

Just 4 Cats (Follow the arrows down the bottom of the page)

How to build a Kitty Condo from ShowcatsOnline

Build your own cat fence
Do it yourself fence plans

Cat Enclosure Manufacturers in Canada

The Habit Haven and Cats Den
The Cats Den offers a large range of modular cat enclosures for many situations including apartment living. You can purchase an easy to install cat enclosure kit or a custom made enclosure. Their cat enclosures are sturdy and escape proof. There are many photos from satisfied customers. They ship all over Canada and North America

Cat Enclosure Manufacturers in the United States

Purrfect Cat Enclosures and Cat Fences
Purr…fect Cat Fence enclosures are free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Lots of photos and testimonials. 
"Installation of our outdoor cat enclosures are uncomplicated" They also offer installation in some states





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