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Cat Enclosures and Outdoor Cat Runs Cat Proof Fencing,
Cat Runs, Cat Tunnels & more
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Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor
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More Cat Run Pictures (scroll down)

Page 1 Cat Enclosures & Cat Run Pictures & Ideas
Page 2 Pet Enclosure Builders & Suppliers-With Pictures
Page 3 Luxury outdoor cat run
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A Cat Enclosure all cats dream of


Our readers have been kind enough to share with us pictures of cat enclosures and cat runs they have built. Today's outdoor cat enclosure needn't be just a cat cage, it can be a piece of work to be proud of. What better example than the Deluxe cat enclosure built by Murray and Jeanette for their cats. It is complete with pond, waterfall and tunnels for cats to explore. (Pictured above)

Below you will see photos of cat enclosures our readers have built to give you some design ideas to build your own. Readers tell you of how they built their cat enclosure and what it cost to build. If you are not a DIY person we also have photos of cat enclosures and cat runs that are built by Professional outdoor cat enclosure builders

Whether you would like to build a DIY cat enclosure or get a professional builder to do it for you I am sure you will enjoy the following cat run and cat enclosure information, ideas and photos.

If you have an awesome Cat Enclosure please feel free to share photos and description with us to add to this site
Please send to your information to  I will be happy to review them and if suitable will publish them on this page.


Isabella's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Cat Enclosure balcony

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor


Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

All our cats are indoor cats with full access to our first floor balcony (which runs the length of our house) and a enclosure (we call it our "cat sun room") connected to the balcony located in our small garden.
The main enclosure extension is hexagonal shaped with a built in staircase connecting the enclosure to our first floor balcony. We have also installed blinds and vinyl water proofing to shelter our precious babies from the harsh weather. It is literally a dream house for any cat. I've been told by my friends that it is 6 star cat sun room. OUR CATS DO NOT SLEEP IN THE ENCLOSURE. THEY SLEEP ON OUR BED :)

Isabella CATography & Aaralyn Burmillas


Sue's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Cat Run Enclosure

Outdoor Cat Run


Cat Proof Fencing

Click on photos for full size view

This enclosure suits a more a rural setting as it blends in with the surroundings. It is made of poles and wire. The cat enclosure is very simple to put together with fencing wire and overlapping poles placed at the top of the fence. A single wire is strung and the wire attached and then tensioned.  This cat enclosure has lots of room approx - 15 metres long and 7 metres wide which gives the cats plenty of room to roam outdoors. Old branches are placed inside the enclosure for the cats to climb on. There is a cubby house for shade and beds.The cubby house has a verandah for shade in summer and shelter in winter. The cats love it! They have a pond to drink out of, and there is lots of space to explore. It is accessed from the house through a cat flap in the window, so cats have access to inside and outside.

I have never had a cat escape from this enclosure.

Sue from Osiris (V) Abyssinians



Sally's Cat House


Outdoor Cat House

Outside Cat House

Building Dimensions, Materials and Sources
Overall Dimensions - 12' x 20' x 10'

Labor - One boyfriend/fiancé helper – Not for sale

Roof – Because we wanted the most sun exposure for our cats, we used clear corrugated Polycarbonate roofing panels Purchased at Lowe’s. Note: If you plan to walk on the roof, use something else. Though it has served our purposes as far as translucency, it is not terribly durable for walking on and it recently rendered us rather helpless during a rescue effort to retrieve Cutie from over 100 feet up in a tall maple tree nearby!

Fountain – Three tier cedar fountain purchased from Drs. Foster & Smith for $149.99. I added a coat of stain since the fountain was placed on the end of the enclosure exposed to the elements.

For more pictures of this amazing cat house and building materials used to build it please visit:

Sally's Cat House

"This is a story about a house that love built and the rescue effort through which it began. More importantly, it is a story of 13 homeless cats and their trials and triumphs in the pursuit of life, love and home."


Jan's Cat Enclosure (Cat run)

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

A Contented cat in an outdoor cat run

What a great idea! The cats can exit the house via a cat flap just above the window. (see picture 1) They enter an aerial tunnel which runs through to the outdoor cat enclosure with all the mod cons a cat could ever need.

What a wonderful way to keep your cat safe while allowing them the freedom of the great outdoors


Adrian's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Outdoor Cat Run



Cat Runs

Adrian's Previous House

The cat run was originally built for two longhair tabbies one ginger and white (Tim) and one tortoise shell (Tam) Brother and Sister respectively. The shade clothed fernery was originally installed to keep the sun off the house in the afternoon but was easily converted to a run for the cats by installing a gate at the southern end (as seen in the photo's). The northern end currently has a cat door into the garage which in turn is attached to the house via a standard door (no cat door due to the house alarm). From that it grew to a caged outdoor cat run along the fence which also consisted of two small cubby style house one of which has now been replaced by a large aviary style caged area (as seen in the photo's). This came about due to a recent addition to the family, a Birman cat by the name of Rascal.
Total cost about $1500 to build the enclosures for our cats.

Cat Cages


Cat Runs

Cat Enclosures
The cats access the cat run via a cat flap in the laundry wall.
The cost of materials for this cat run set me back about $1200
And the labor to build it was about 40 Hours.

Cat Runs

Sarah's Cat Enclosure (cat run)


Cat Enclosures

Cat Enclosures     Cat Enclosures - Cat Cages - Outside Cat Runs

Cat Enclosure

Cat Enclosures

Photos of Sarah's amazing cat enclosure system. Her cats must get immense enjoyment from using this cat adventure land.

How much did it cost to build this cat enclosure system?
What Sarah has to say All up, I would say that we have spent about $1200 on everything so far. That includes a second hand cat enclosure system, timber for furniture which my hubby made, and actual made-to-measure furniture from an cat enclosure place.

How long did it take you to build?
We spent a full weekend outdoors putting the cat run together. Building included cutting of bricks and pulling up concrete. We have a second aerial cat run which will soon go up and we are looking at 2 more modules to connect it up on to the roof!
Overall, we have spent about 3 weekends making cat furniture, putting up the cat run, gardening the modules, laying bricks in the module because of the appalling cat-poo smell!
You can get a lot of things made for you or you can build them yourself. I would recommend making the cat walks yourself and finding an easy plan to make your own hammocks if possible. Mind you though, the cat hammocks we got from South Australia are just amazing. They have metal outers and properly made mesh overlays. The cats just love them!! "


Marianna's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Cat Proof Fence

Marianna has made her garden a wonderful safe playground for her family of cats. A series of cat tunnels allow her cats to access the playground and Cat Gym.

Netting is placed on top of the fences to make them cat proof.

Cat Tunnels

Cat Tunnels

How much did it cost to build this enclosure for our cats? I bought two 50 meter rolls of bird wire to cat proof the top of the fence. They cost less than $100. I also bought four 10 meter rolls of chicken wire for the wire tunnels and the cat enclosure in the garage from the reject shop for only $8, what a bargain! I went to the local furniture factory and got off cuts for the wood needed to build the cat run. The indoor wire doors were bought at a demolition place for $10 each. We didn't have a lot of money to spend to create a run for our cats so I was always on the look out for cheap materials. For the cat furniture we got cheap off cuts of carpet. I even got the paint for the enclosure cheap at an auction.


Julia's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Cat Enclosure

Cat Enclosures

Cat Enclosures - Cat Cages - Outside Cat Runs - Cat Tunnels

Cat Enclosures

The Safe Garden
A delightful garden in the UK. Read the complete story and see more photos. See how this breeder created a 'Safe Garden' for her cats by visiting her website. The entire garden has been made into a cat enclosure

Rameses Burmese, Tonkinese and
Old-style Siamese
from Oxford, England


Doreen's Cat Proof Fence

Cat Fencing

Cat Fencing

This is the cat proof fence and now some of the plants are starting to grow. Eventually it will be totally covered with plants and you won't see the wire mesh any more. We actually tore down and replaced our last fence which was cat-proofed in the same way and where the plants had totally covered the mesh, no-one even knew there was mesh there. I can't wait for the current plants to grow up now...

And here is our front gate, the little monkeys either climbed up it or jumped over it... until we put a piece of clear Perspex at the top. It is now too high to jump over, and the Perspex is too thin for them to get a grip on top, and the smooth surface of the Perspex over the wrought iron means their little paws have nowhere to grip as they climb up near the top. Very effective, and more slightly than putting mesh over the top of the gate. We drilled a few holes through the Perspex and attached it with screws and washers on both sides.


Christina's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Enclosing Patio for Cats

Photos of Christinas Enclosed  verandah.
A very effective Cat Enclosure

Enclosing Patio for Cats

The verandah is L shaped. This is the other end.
Cat flap is in the window

Enclosing Patio for Cats

Enclosing Patio for Cats

These outdoor cat runs are at the side of the enclosed verandah with a walkway between so all cats can see each other & don't get lonely. The 1st half of the  cat runs are positioned between 2 sheds & the 2nd half in the open garden. Each run is 8 metres long by 1 & half metres wide. Lots of shelves & branches for climbing.


It's hard to photograph. It is an L shaped sleeping place & a small run for females if they need to get to know the stud first. This is about 4 by 3 metres to the left. It was all quite easy to build & protected from too much hot or cold.

David's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run

My outdoor cats can stay in here full-time as we have mild climate and the enclosure features a covered weather shelter at one end.  The blue box in the shelter is a plastic storage box with doors cut into each end, and has a cooling fan for summer (the shelter portion is in the shade ofa tree) and a heating pad for winter. 


For climbing, there are ramps leading to an elevated deck and a natural branch.  I will add more climbing features.


John and Joanne's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run


The enclosure is around 4.8m long, 2.25 high and 1m wide. It is attached to one side of our house which we don't have much use for otherwise, and access is through our laundry door so we can let our cat out when we choose. It is constructed out of lengths of 42x19mm pine, and rolls of 900mm wide 50x50mm wire mesh. It took most of a weekend to construct and we have added some shelves for Dari to climb and sit on. We plan to find a tree trunk to put inside for him to climb, as well as some more plants in addition to the cat grass and cat mint already in there

Christine's Cat Enclosure (cat run)




This Cat Proof fence has plastic mesh. Metal is better because the squirrels chew through the plastic and I have to repair the holes. In fact they love to chew it. Maybe it feels good?

Hanging plants love the high fence as do climbers.
Although racoons can make it in and out, there is not much to attract them.


For more pictures and information please visit

Christine's website



Sunni's Cat Enclosure (cat run)

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

Cat Enclosure Cat Run - Outdoor

We used a powder-coated steel dog run that we bought for about $350US.  Because our windows are high, we had to get creative with the roof.  We filled the gaps with painted plywood.  There's a rope cat scratch that gets used constantly.  The inside stump is also for scratching and sitting on.  (The one on the outside was just there temporarily, while we decided if we needed it or not.) The lounge chair is for me on nice days, so I can read outside with a cat on my lap. There's now a covered cat box behind the chair that is used often.  Nice!  Less smell and tracked litter in the house! We live in a desert area so we stuck with gravel instead of grass



Chirpy Cats

Chirpy Cats Cat Enclosure Cat Run

Chirpy Cats Cat Enclosure Cat Run

Chirpy Cats Cat Enclosure Cat Run

Building your cat’s dream catio

I had always wanted to build an outdoor enclosure, or catio, for as long as I can remember. It was around ten years ago when I only had two cats, when I thought it would be perfect to create a safe outdoor haven for them. I began researching the best ways to merge the two worlds of a cat – indoors and outdoors. How nice would it be for the cats to have access to the outdoors in a safe environment, away from the dangers of cars and cruel people. Growing up as a kid we always had outdoor cats and this was the norm at the time. Today people are more aware of the dangers lurking outside and of the statistics of cats lost to road traffic accidents, not to mention exposure to diseases and poisons. It’s no surprise that indoor cats enjoy a longer lifespan than their outdoor counterparts. But keeping cats indoors comes with its own set of challenges.
Read More Here


Links to other websites
Plans and diagrams detailing how to build a cat enclosure

Just 4 Cats (Follow the arrows down the bottom of the page)

How to build a Kitty Condo from ShowcatsOnline

Build your own cat fence

Cat Enclosure Manufacturers in the United States and Canada

The Cat's Den Outdoor Cat Enclosures
The Cats Den offers a large range of modular cat enclosures for many situations including apartment living. You can purchase an easy to install cat enclosure kit or a custom made enclosure. Their cat enclosures are sturdy and escape proof. There are many photos from satisfied customers. They ship all over Canada and North America

Affordable Cat Fence
The AFFORDABLE CAT FENCE provides effective and humane cat containment by turning your yard into a secure enclosure. Rather than causing pain to your pets through electric fences or collars, our cat fence is a barrier of netting supported by heavy-gauge steel stanchions (unlike the wire brackets of the Cat Fence-In product) which attach to your existing fence. The barrier angles into your yard providing an overhang which cats will not climb. There is also a vertical component inhibiting the entry of feral cats and other animals from outside your yard.

Purrfect Cat Enclosures and Cat Fences
Purr…fect Cat Fence enclosures are free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Lots of photos and testimonials. 
"Installation of our outdoor cat enclosures are uncomplicated" They also offer installation in some states


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