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Cat Litter Box  - Different types of Litter Boxes for your cat
Other names: Litter Trays,  Litter Pans

Cat Litter Box - Tray



Cats can become finicky about their litter boxes so it is important to find a litter box that suits your cat's requirements.

Every cat has his preferences regarding his litter box. Finding the perfect litter box, here are some things to consider

Different Types of Litter Box

*Prices are  approximate as prices vary from country to country. I suggest you search for Online Pet Suppliers in your country

Basic Litter Box
Click to enlarge

The basic litter box. Low cost, easy to clean and straightforward.

Kittens struggle with litter boxes that are too high to get into. This litter box is ideal for kittens.

Adult cats sometimes get quite enthusiastic with their bathroom routines and may kick litter out of the box and on to the floor. This litter box is fine if you don't mind sweeping up the floor periodically

* Approx Cost: $10

Corner Style Cat Litter Box
Click to enlarge

With it's cut out entry and high sides this litter box is ideal for both cats and kittens.

The shape is designed to fit neatly into a corner.


Cat Litter Box with Rim
Click to enlarge

Litter Box with Rim.

A little more expensive than the basic model. This litter box with a rim can prevent the mess of litter kicked out on to the floor.

Liners can be used.

Uses Disposable Pads
Click to enlarge

This litter box is designed for odor control.

The Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box controls features a pull out tray which holds disposable cat pads that absorb urine and lock in odor.

* Approx Cost: $40

covered litter box
Click to enlarge

Covered Cat Litter Boxes are ideal for keeping the mess of scattered litter over your floor contained.

Some cats like the "privacy" while other cats feel trapped in them. Some larger cats may find these covered litter boxes constricting.

A covered litter box traps odours inside, so it will need to be cleaned more often than an open one. Vents in the side do help with the odor problem.

Approx Cost $24

Corner Covered Litter Box
Click to enlarge


A litter box designed to fit perfectly into a corner to take up less usable floor space.

Integrated odor control charcoal filter. Extra wide entrance.

* Approx Cost: $40

Automated Litter Box
Click to enlarge

Self Cleaning Litter Box. The Littermaid (tm) range are automated electrically powered litter boxes.

They come equipped with a motion sensor that detects when the cat has left the box and then the cleaning machinery goes into action. The cleaning machinery contains a rake which works its way along the litter to scoop out cat pee and poop into a waste receptacle.

The container effectively captures odor. for more information

litter box furniture
Click to enlarge


Some people like to conceal the cat's litter box in a specially designed piece of furniture.

Many designs available.

$200 for pictured cabinet

More Reading here:
  Training your kitten to use the litter box          Litterbox Problems

For a multi-cat household, you may need more than one box in more than one location. Some cats are quite happy to share their litter box with others but some will refuse to use a litter box that another cat has used.

Lumps should be scooped out of the box daily. Changing the litter completely depends on how many cats you have and which type of litter you are using but the general rule of thumb is once or twice a week. If it gets very smelly change it more often.

Don't put the litter tray in a busy location or near a noisy washing machine for example.  Put the litter tray in a quiet easy to access location and don't forget they like privacy too! Cats do not like to use the bathroom near to where they eat. That's not surprising... neither do we! Move litter boxes away from feeding areas or where their water is placed. Do not put the litter box in a room or basement where the door may be closed and the cat cannot access it.




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