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Very Vocal Tom

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Posted 20 July 2017 - 09:42 AM

My wife and I lived and worked in Laos for eight years, returning to Australia in September 2015.  While there we adopted a stray female with her two kittens. At the time the kittens were only about two-three weeks old. Male and female, Siamese cross. At about three or four months of age we had the kittens and mother desexed.


We moved house (only 300 metres away), took the three cats with us but after about two weeks the mother disappeared. We thought she went back to the old house so we went looking for her but couldn't find her. The two kittens, Bella and Dta Leo (dta leo is Lao for cross eye, as a kitten the tom was very cross eyed) settled in nicely and became members of our family. He's  playful, boisterous and very vocal. Bella is more reserved but very affectionate.


When our tentures in Laos were finished, we decided to bring Dta Leo and Bella home with us. Our employer paid for most of the quarantine process which took nearly 16 months (another story). Both cats arrived healthy and settled into their new home quite quickly. They are now nine years old.


They are back to their old tricks. Bella still wary of strangers but very affectionate with us, Dta Leo still playful and very vocal. He loves a chat. He has also taken to howling which he never did in Laos. Both cats are kept indoors, only venturing outside under supervision. They've had vet checks since coming home and both are healthy. We've also had their chips reprogrammed and the cats registered. Neither cat has shown any aggression towards us, although Dta Leo likes to assert his dominance over his sister. She puts up with this for awhile then puts him in his place.


Where the problem lies is, he often keeps us awake at night with his vocalising. Both cats sleep where ever they like, often with us. Bella will stay put all night but Dta Leo will wake and wander through the house and start talking and howling.


How can we stop this behaviour. We don't want to toss him outside, especially not at night.

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