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Worried - My Female Cat Showing several symptoms

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#1 xxSlippersxx


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Posted 05 June 2017 - 01:48 AM

Hi there,
I am already highly aware that I need to take my 3 year old female, Domestic Short Hair Kitty to a vet. It is disturbing me more at this time as I have very limited funds to afford a vet bill this fortnight and am hoping she will be okay in the meantime.
If there is anyone that can offer the best advice or feedback about the symptoms my cat is displaying, that will help me to determine if she is in high danger and can't wait until I am paid or if she sounds okay - obviously I am here thinking she is in trouble!
My female cat has started displaying three main symptoms over the past week or so. They are all unsettling and I am not sure if they are connected to one problem, perhaps somebody will recognise what might be wrong with my little girl??
Symptom 1: Croaky / Frog Like Meow
My kitty spent a night outside in a terrible storm about a week ago. I couldn't find her until the next day. She usually has a very cute high pitched meow and is quite chatty, After the stormy night, she came back the next afternoon with a croaky voice that is almost like a grumpy / frog like sound - not her usual meow at all. She hasn't tried to use her voice as much since which tells me she may have a sore throat. At first I thought she may have been meowing all night in the storm when I had no luck bringing her inside. After a week, it hasn't improved and I am worried it is something worse.
Symptom 2. White worms in stool
On top of her vocal issues, I noticed today that there are white worms in her stool. I know this is common and I am pretty sure it's tapeworm as they are white rice shaped worms, that isn't as troubling but with the third symptom I am puzzled and worried for my cat!
Symptom 3. Bloody urine
My poor kitty has now started to show signs that she is struggling to pee, I watched her more closely today and she was visiting the litter every 10-15mins and sometimes she couldn't pee or a tiny bit of blood was left there.
After that I got very scared! Can anyone let me know what she may have or does it sound as though she has 3 separate issues?? I love her to bits and care for her so it's troubling to see her like this. She is also not as affectionate so I know something is not right. Any feedback would help and I know a vet visit is needed, how urgently is what I want to know?? Thanks!! 🙀😽

#2 kittykaila9


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:04 AM

I'm not a Vet and by no means an expert in cat health issues but I can maybe offer some help on two of your issues.


Firstly the worms. Small rice shaped worms from memory are hookworms, tapeworms are long and flat. If your cat has worms you need to treat her immediately. You can buy products like Advocate, Advantage, Frontline etc for worming (also doubles as a flea treatment). They are spot on treatments that go on the back of the neck and protect your kitty from getting nasty internal parasites. Depending on how bad the worm situation is some vets would recommend treating your kitty once and then again in two weeks and then follow a normal worming schedule from there but I would not follow this advice unless you have been directed to do so by a qualified Vet as spot on treatments can be toxic if given too much. You can also purchase worming tablets which you will need to have your kitty swallow, these are usually purchased at the Vet, you can just walk in and ask what kind of worming products they have available. This is a cheaper option for the immediate future as per tablet it is a few dollars (maybe $4-$8) and you can purchase them as a single dose instead of having to buy a pack of flea/worming treatment which is anywhere from $50 onwards (although you do get three treatments in a pack). I would definitely go into a vet clinic and ask about their worming products to one of the vet nurses as they are usually very helpful and can guide you on what is best for your kitty. Make sure you mention the type of worms you are seeing as not all products cover all worms however I'm pretty sure hookworm is covered by MOST products.


The bloody urine definitely sounds like a urinary tract issue. Especially if your kitty is showing signs of struggling to urinate. As I'm sure you can imagine this is VERY painful for your kitty. Untreated it can get more serious and lead to more health issues but on top of that your kitty may develop behavioural issues if she goes too long untreated. For example she may start to urinate outside of her litter box, generally cats will pee on something soft like bedding, towels, clothing as this somehow comforts them while they are hurting to urinate. Even after the urinary tract issue is resolved if you have taken too long to have your cat treated behavioural issues can still be present as your cat may then associate her litter box with unpleasant memories and refuse to use it. You cannot resolved a urinary tract infection without a vet visit, she will need antibiotics.


I can tell you love your kitty very much and I'm with you on the financial pressures, sometimes our fur babies get sick at the worst of times! In my opinion a vet visit is needed urgently for the urinary tract issue and the worms need to be treated immediately as well. If you have other animals like dogs or other cats it would be worthwhile treating them too. You could possibly ring your local vet and talk to them about financial issues, they may be able to offer you some sort of payment plan or a discount. This is probably unlikely but it would be worth a try! Some vets offer concession/health care card holder discounts if you have one of those.


Once again I'm not an expert and other people on here might be able to help you out a little bit more but hopefully I've been able to give you some insight. Good luck with your kitty!

#3 ChocolateDots


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 05:42 PM

The last problem is a UTI and needs seeing to asap, it's extremely painful, she needs antibiotics.

Perhaos your vet will allow payments if you are a regular client. Unfortunately vet bills are part of being a responsible pet owner.

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