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New Game for Cats

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#1 lvreclp


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 01:11 AM

Hi all cat lovers and Android users! As one of you I am totally crazy about my cat and do not want for him to get bored. Unfortunately I am quite busy and can not spend a lot of time playing with my cat. This made me create a new game for cats! Check it out: I hope, that you cat will love this game, cause in case of positive feedback I will release new versions with plenty of new stuff, graphics and game play. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions! Cheers!

#2 Heather Sharada

Heather Sharada

    Cat Mad

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 09:24 AM

Sorry working on my ipad so was unable to open ir

#3 varun69


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Posted 13 July 2014 - 12:28 PM

New crossplatform game for cat and humans is here. It's called Paw Me. The creators took care of all the users and offered maximum amount of possibilities and gameplay modes. At the
first look the game look similar to other game for kitties, but when you get to the game options you will discover new possibilities.

First of all, the game joins Anroid and iOS based devices into one online multiplayer network. No matter what device you use, you can play the game with Android device against iOS (Iphone and Ipads supported). Second, 5 different gameplay modes give the players (cats and humans) a possibility to play real time worldwide multiplayer against cats and humans online! Just pick the mode you want
to play: human vs cat or human vs human or cat vs cat.

Third, a wide choice of backgrounds and sounds that your cat loves so much! From cat toy mouse to completely dfferent UFO, etc. The sounds in the game are based on real sounds of
nature and natural ambient sounds. The game has both night and day modes with different sounds, static and animated backgrounds.

The different game modes , 15 different cat toys, animated backgrounds and constant real time multiplay online - download, try, experiment and participate in world scores
rating. No doubt your Kitty Will Love The Game as much as you do!

game for cats:
Paw me Lite for iOS

Feel free to download the game.!

#4 varun69


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 12:08 AM

Try this game for cats, online multiplayer, humans can play too.

#5 Milan


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 11:56 PM

I think I found amazing game for cats. It's name is Paw me Lite. I recomended for everyone who has a cats. 



Feel free to download the game:

Paw me Lite for Android

Paw Me Full for Android

Paw me Lite for iOS

Paw Me Full for iOS


Make your cat enjoys in game.

#6 Gingercat man

Gingercat man


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Posted 19 July 2014 - 10:03 AM even the cat is going to be sitting there on the couch tapping away on his Ipad and ignoring me..I'm going out to the shed :sad:

#7 kareen



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Posted 09 June 2017 - 09:41 AM

Cats are really playful, especially when they are young. Some good toys to have for them are hunting toys, like toy mice, balls, etc. that you would find at a pet store. Also, cats love to play with strings or things that dangle.

#8 nanakante



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Posted 05 September 2017 - 01:57 AM

My cat loves hair bobbles! he love it when i ping them across the room! beware though, don't use your hands! its very cute when they are kittens but not so cute when you've you a fully grown cat hanging off your arm!!

Don't Make These 5 Cat Care Mistakes -

#9 Minty Manx

Minty Manx


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Posted 06 September 2017 - 06:10 AM

I can't Imagine my Manx with a phone.

what I do is use a laser pointer she chases it she is super fast and spectacular to watch down up stairs & anywhere the laser light goes, she can really jump too/ keeps her fit, she also loves chasing balls and returns them.

#10 zzzsmokeyzzz


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 12:20 PM

Hahahaa cute!!

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