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need something to block car window, but allow air in

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#1 Minty Manx

Minty Manx


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Posted 29 December 2017 - 11:27 AM

hope you all had a wonderful xmas & the new year is a good one.


well as the title say's I need help.

I drive a hi lux 4x4 single cab, so both windows have a curve in them, not flat like a rear window,

minty my Manx cat loves riding in the little truck with me, watching the world go by. she is really good. but a few days ago she was in the truck in the shade of a tree with both windows down to allow air flow, the left passenger side window was down slightly more than drivers side. was parked one footpath that boarders a state forrest. minty wears a collar with a bell. she is 13 months weighs about 3kg. I was over in my friends home across the road and could look out at drivers side of truck. she was there about 15 min has water bowl.  I go over as could not see her, but sometimes she gets under the seat or on the floor. looked under seat behind seat no minty I was really worried. I had some Felix party mix that I just give her small treat to train her. I start calling her and my friend comes over, we call and search. then the libra doodle dog next door to my friends barks so we go over to see what has his attention he is very friendly. there is minty hiding under a tree, I call her & offer her a treat and she comes. she is an inside only cat so don't want that happening and won't use a lead, she will follow me inside ok just worry about danger's like other cats dogs cars and people.

so does anyone have any idea's to allow the windows to be down but stop her getting out via the window? no problems in house.

#2 nanakante



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Posted 29 December 2017 - 03:14 PM

I've driven with my cat out of the carrier and she wanted to sit in my lap with her paws on the steering wheel and she got in the way.
I put treats in her carrier and act like it's an everyday occurence with the carrier. It takes time for the cat to get used to it. Now she's fine with it. I recently got her a new carrier and she's fine with that too. I also give her treats once she is in the carrier to show her she's being a good girl for getting in the carrier.

Don't Make These 5 Cat Care Mistakes -

#3 ChocolateDots


    Cat Mad

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 01:20 PM

I wouldnt allow a cat to travel loose in a car, nor would I leave them in the car unattended even under the shade of a tree.
If you want something larger than a regular cat carrier, to fit a litter tray in then you can use a dog crate secured in the car

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