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My cat is so troublesome how can i train him??

cats trouble behaviour

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#1 BethD


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Posted 27 June 2017 - 01:01 AM

I own a 2 year old male cat called Leonard who has recently been fixed 2 months ago. He is constantly causing trouble and pushing his luck and more so now that he has been desexed, 


Here is a list of the things he does.


- He gets up on the bench, pantry and the fridge

- He refuses to retract his claws while anyone is holding him

- He has a temper and will attack (This only happens sometimes and its mainly my brother he goes for)
- He drinks from the toilet and has figured out how to lift the seat up

- He picks things out of the garbage

- He eats things off the floor and out of the garbage

- He scratches at my bedroom door (Sometimes he will do it for fun)

- He never covers his litter

- He eats the other cats fur balls 


Spraying him with water doesn't seem to do anything as he will come back 5 minutes later hoping that your not watching and he will do it again. Bopping him on the head and chasing him around the house don't get the message through either. We are at the point where we are considering a citronella collar for the little guy..


Does anyone have any suggestions? The ignorance runs strong in this cat.

#2 ChocolateDots


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Posted 27 June 2017 - 02:07 PM

It's normal for cats to get up high, just wipe down the kitchen benches before making food.
We have beds on the fridge and cupboards so they are comfy up there.

Clip his nails, and also don't restrain him if he doesn't like being held.

Fit a child lock on the toilet.

Keep the rubbish bin secure so he can't access it.

Provide him with various scratch poles and cat trees to have appropriate places to scratch and scent mark.

Many cats don't cover their litter, do you have enough trays? (One per cat, plus one extra), are they cleaned at least twice a day? Would he prefer a different type of litter?

Cats shouldn't have fur balls. A high quality diet and proper grooming should eliminate them.

He should have been desexed at 12 weeks, at 2 years old some of his habits from being entire will remain, it will take at least 10 weeks for the hormones to fully settle.

Do not spray him, chase him, hit him or put a collar on him. Much of his behaviour isn't out of the ordinary.
He is not ignorant at all. If you don't wish to make changes in yourself and accept this boy it would be best to find him a more accepting home.

#3 kareen



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Posted 06 July 2017 - 09:41 PM

That kind of behavior is normal for the cat. 

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