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Help naughty Burmese Kitten

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#1 Mel NZ

Mel NZ


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Posted 03 June 2011 - 07:32 AM

Hi all I am new to the forum and would love some help with my burmese kitten. He is 10 weeks old and I have had him now for 2 weeks. When I first bought him home he was loving and adorable for the 1st few days. He has slowly become so naughty from climbing Curtins, scratching the couch and us, biting, jumping on cofffee table, eating plants, screaming at the shower doors and us!. My partner and I are constantly saying no, making noises and doing all the things we are suppose to do to stop this behaviour but if anything he is getting worse. When we get home from work we give him our total attention. He is so strong willed, you say no to him when he is naughty or make a loud noise and he looks at you you with a look on his face that says " yer and ??? ". He is totally litter trained which is a good thing, I don't think I could cope with that. The only time he is nice at the moment is when he is asleep... Is there something we are doing wrong that anyone knows of or any advice anyone can offer as we are at our witts end!! Thanks Mel

#2 ChocolateDots


    Cat Mad

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Posted 03 June 2011 - 09:17 AM

8 weeks is really too young, most breeders keep their kittens for 10-14 weeks to ensure they learn all the proper behaviours from their mum and littermates. My kittens climb curtains and are usually done with it by 7-8 weeks. Just remove and say a firm no. Scratching the couch - has he got an alternative? Cats need to scratch, you can provide him with several scratching posts or cat trees. Jumping on the table and eating plants is very normal. Be very careful that the plants are not toxic to him. We allow ours on all surfaces, they simply go on there when you aren't looking anyway! And plants are all outside, except for cat grass ;)

#3 Mel NZ

Mel NZ


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Posted 03 June 2011 - 12:09 PM

Hi He has 3 scratching posts and a cardboard floor scratch thing which he uses all of these plus the couch... We encourage him all the time and give him little heart treats when he does this instead of the couch. He has a stuffed toy that is a lion that is the same size as him and he plays and sleeps with this. We have fluffy things on strings, soft balls, mice , lots of toys really... We have the kity kat grass and he loves this stuff but it sends him totally loopy even more than he is. Ok so what do you recommend on how to help teach him the right behaviour? Mel

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