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Help please!

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#1 alleycat22


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 04:59 PM

My partner and i rescued a cat from a concrete factory..apparently the cats are running over the concrete as they dry at night and causing a lot of trouble....the guys there were going to put him down .....i just couldn't let them do it... I found the cat really scared and yet still he rubbed up against the cage and said hello. I took him to the vets and after waiting 3 days for h\is owners to come forward(no one did)_ then we took him home. and that's when I started to know what i was in for! The cat was a bit cranky at the vet and to be honest i think they were happy to get him a home so easily. the main problem is his aggression...he just attacks....when he wants something...he wants food....bang! attack! full claws mouth and the odd growly hiss. we've been able to cut down the behaviour by just letting him know it hurts by saying OUCHHH. so he has gone from about 6 attacks on each of us a day to about 1 or two a day...which is pretty good for 2 months i think? but i need help getting him to stop attacking all together...he thrashes his tale a lot and often has his ears back, but we can usually pat and pick him up now with not too many hassles. (you can pat him for about 6 seconds before he bites as a rule hehe) i even tried water spray bottle but he just didn't mind the water at all. he's been a complete gentleman in every other way...PERFECTLY kitty litter trained from the day we shoed him where to go....and he also comes back to the house when you call out his name( we used a food rewards and he LOVES food) How can I help him relax ? he is learning to play with us and we usually play with him for 30mins at night to give him excercise so he is calmer the next day. another issue we are having is he is distroying everything! he has shredded the linoleum on our floor (opps renting) and does this when he wants to go outside....we dont reward his behaviour by gee is he stubborn! he is also now starting to howl when he wants to go's fairly often too and drives me nuts as i can't let him out too much because he is starting to wander into other yards. has anyone got any ideas???? we like him heaps as he is a real dude and we dont mind that he likes his space, but his aggression is scary! Thanks for any advice you may have...i''m out of ideas! Allison p.s i forgot to say he is about 10 years old (or so the vet things)

#2 fleabag


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:34 PM

Several options ..get some Rescue Remedy and put a few drops in his water bowl and rub a drop or two on his ears ..this will help relax him ..the other thing is get a Feliway Diffuser and plug it in in his main room ..this also relaxes him ..and gives of happy cat vibes . I suspect he's been given a rough time on the site ..chasing ..yelling, hassling him he doesn't trust us humans too much.. Can you allocate him a room overnight so he doesn't get a chance to do too much damage while you are not able to supervise him.. I applaud you for giving him a chance ..I gotta say I too like a cat with "character" lol
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#3 alleycat22


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:57 PM

I'll have to look up the two products you mentioned, it never even occured to me there might be something like that available. We can't really relocate overnight due to the sive of our apartment(and where his kitty litter tray is) he has got a fair bit of character and i hope he can relax into his new surrounding soon(although we are moving again in Feb to somewhere a bit quiter so hopefully he will be ok with that if we keep him in for a while)...not really ideal for him to be moving, but he's only got us so where we go he goes i guess:-) eventually i am planning to build a small huse and we'd like to include a kitty run so he can come and go as he pleases. thanks for the advice, Allison

#4 Heather Sharada

Heather Sharada

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 08:11 PM

Hi Alison - thanks for trying to help this boy - he is lucky. I am assuming he has been desexed....if not that is a very important issue and would help to calm him down but also prevent him spraying unpleasant urine in your house...Bronnie has given good advice. Do you have a good scratching pole with a platform on top - he might rather like that and it will give him a place to look outside if he can't go out especially if you put him near a window. Once he starts to calm down you can also time out him - but not yet. When he misbehaves say NO very firmly - give a serious NO and turn away from him and don't reward him by giving him what he wants. you will need to be very consistent. There are people who work as animal behaviouists and if he does not improve you might need to chat with one of them.....if he is as old as the vet thinks - he is a bit fixed in his ways. Going outside is going to make it more difficult for you as he will think that is his territory. I wonder if he has ever been a pet cat. Good luck with him and thanks for caring.

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