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An event worth sharing.

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#1 rajafn183g


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 11:53 AM

I just read about K9Nation few days ago and wanted to share with my fellow member about their efforts for ending pets' sufferings; specially cats and dogs, in US. K9Nation is a charity dedicated to ending suffering of dogs and cats in the U.S.--shelter killing, violence, abandonment, neglect, puppy mills, etc. They have started an event named "Day of Response". DOR is set aside for the public to get together in local discussion groups to discuss problems, causes, and solutions. Of course the solution K9Nation proposes is local K9Nation Kommunities. DOR is proposed to be held on October 9 2012. I told some of my friends to join them and now we are starting to form local discussion groups an our home town also. Anyone can join and also become a coordinator for a discussion group in his/her hometown by registering on the Meetup I hope that members here will be willing to make this event successful for pets.

#2 Catsfriend


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 01:49 PM

Hi raja... I wish good luck to them. However, it could be that they are honestly trying to do the right thing but they are on the wrong track, because they don't know any better. There are large numbers of such organisations, and almost all of them are addressing the wrong people - those who are already aware of the problems and who are desperately trying to rescue the victims. The ones who really need to be addressed are the PEOPLE WHO ARE CAUSING the problems, such as your neighbour who picks up a 'free' kitten or puppy 'for the kids', offered by another desperate neighbour who just 'can't get rid of them', and is then surprised when their pet comes down with a litter a few months later and thinks that it is normal and okay and that he has done a good thing if he has kept them alive and brings them to the next animal shelter, so those 'professionals' there can find really good homes for them - and who will repeat this 6 months later, if noone takes the time to educate him! These people, too, are honestly trying to do the right thing but they are on the wrong track, because they don't know any better. Rather than supporting animal rescue organisations I'd rather support educational programs at schools and at corporate workplaces (YES, MAINLY there, because that's where the parents and uneducated pet buyers are) and I'd push that regular pet care education columns shall be introduced in every major newspaper and TV channel and that suitable DVDs be offered in every DVD rental store. Educating the people who are CAUSING the suffering of pets is the way to go, not picking up the debrys they leave behind and trying to fix it up again.
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