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nipals swollen

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#1 epssty


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:53 AM

my cat had kittens 1 week ago and now her niplas are swollen and inverted she only has two work to feed 5 kitten thay all seem to work at first then she moved them and I did not notis that some stoped working help please with resipee for kitten milk and how to help my cat

#2 kittenmitten


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 12:49 PM

have you taken her to the vets - are they feeling at all hot, as mastitis could be a possibility. Assuming that you have been weighing the kittens each day (if you haven't start now), have they been gaining weight still, or are they losing weight? You may need to supp feed to help support the queen - if you do not have kitten milk replacement on hand, you can also get this at the vets, along with a feeding syringe or bottle. make up according to the directions on the packet, and it should also list quantities to feed the kittens - at this age they should be feeding every couple of hours, so you will need to do this around the clock. If you can leave them with the queen still, that would help, as she can still clean them after feeding and ensure they are toileted, otherwise you will need to do this too. Good luck, and hope your queen is OK. But would take her to the vet - I have a neuter here who was speyed as a result of a c section and bad infection, and the went on to get mastitis, a big infection in one teat, and had to have her kitten removed as she did not want to know the kitten - fortunately her breeder had another queen who had lost a kitten, and so happily adopted this one

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