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Maine Coon Cat Breeders
Australia Only

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                                         Maine Coon Cat Breed Profile

Please note, Australian listings are in alphabetical order according to state. ACT, NSW, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


We are a small cattery breeding outstanding
 happy healthy Maine Coons from top
quality established bloodlines.

Located 30 minutes from Canberra.
Kittens raised in loving family environment.

Phone: 0412 673 141

Website                 Email



Breeding beautiful, healthy kittens for show or pet
from imported and Australian lines. 

All kittens raised in the home in a family environment.

Fairfield East.
Phone: (02) 9727  9185

Website                            E-mail

Maine Coon Cat


“Big cats with huge personality”
Breeders health tested
Kittens leave vaccinated, microchiped
and desexed with pedigree papers.
Raised underfoot and loved from
before they were born.

Phone: 0400 071 676      Website           

Maine Coon Cat


We are a small cattery in the blue mountains, breeding quality
Maine Coons in a variety of colours and patterns.
Polydactyls  available

Julie Tonning  Phone 0412 31 1102

Email            Website


Dee Zimmer

Mobile: 0428 845 348

Xquizit by name - Xquizit by nature

Website                Email




We are a small quality breeder located in Windsor NSW (1 hour from Sydney)

Breeding beautiful BIG Maine Coons that are healthy and loved.

Our kittens are raised in our house and true to type.
Polydactyls also available.

 Phone:    0412 311 102

Website                 Email


We are a small family based Cattery

Our cats are our family pets and our kittens are raised inside with our children.

Please feel free to call Melissa on 0414 267 946

Website             Email


Breeding gentle giants of the feline world.

All kittens are raised indoors with love and tenderness,
wonderfully socialised ready to join your family

Angela:  0400 161 909

Website                     Email

Maine Coon





Breeding cats since 1995
 Gentle Giants with good health and great temperaments
All kittens desexed,vaccinated and registered
for pets and showing
Breeders available on request only

Margaret Sharpe
07 54281677     Mob 0417 281 675

Website            Email

Maine Coon Cat


Maine Coon

FCCQ Registered Breeder,
In association with
Rascal Maine Coons.

Kittens house raised,
breeding for health,
type and temperament.

Standards and Polydactyls available for pet and show. Toowoomba Region – Queensland

Website        Email




Bred with Discretion - Chosen with Love

" To be Touched by a Maine Coon is to Feel it with Your Heart"



Maine Coon Cat



Registered Maine Coon Breeders

We breed for quality not quantity

Kittens sometimes available

Website        Email


Maine Coon Cat





Breeding large, healthy, house raised kittens

 in a clean, loving, family environment.

Website                Email


Breeding Majestic gentle giants from
Imported and Australian lines.

Pet, show and breeding enquiries welcome.

Karen:  0419 009 601

Website           Email



Breeding gorgeous massive healthy cats with lots of personality

We are a small cattery and all our cats live indoors with us

Show and pet kittens often available

Tel: 07 47878488

Website                 Email

Maine Coon Cat


   Banner above supplied by breeder


 Western Australia


One Maine Coon is Never enough!!
We learnt this very fast
Now we breed these gentle giants
so that others can receive the love they give

If you would like more information
call us on  0406 052 322

Website                                                        Email

Maine Coon Cat



Phone:  (08) 9467 6010 or Mobile 0418455474

Big Cats - Big Personalities




Registered breeders with the FCCWA

Breeding Maine Coon kittens of family friendly temperament,
tested health and accepted standard from imported lines

 ”Once a Maine Coon captures your heart, you’ll never go back!”

Website          Facebook         Email



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