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Cat Enclosures and Outdoor Cat Runs Page 4

Cat Enclosure - Outside Cat Run
All Pictures Courtesy Britz British Shorthair

Page 1 Cat Enclosures & Cat Run Pictures & Ideas
Page 2 Pet Enclosure Builders & Suppliers-With Pictures
Page 3 Luxury outdoor cat run
Page 4
A Cat Enclosure all cats dream of



As if the original cat enclosure was not enough for these lucky British Shorthair cats, Murray has built an extension to it. Jeanette says "We have extended it to the length of our house so that we can share the pond with the cats & they can share our entertainment area. Not always a good idea when BBQ steak is being dished up"

 Click here if you didn't see the original pics

Cat Enclosure runs the length of the house

Cat Beds in the Enclosure

We share our outdoor entertainment area with the cats

Play area for the cats in the enclosure

Outdoor Cat Run Luxury

Cats in the cat run

The Extension  Click here if you didn't see the original pics

Of course not everyone can build such an elaborate cat enclosure but there are many other ideas on how to keep your cat safely contained. You could build a more simple cat run or have one built for you. That could mean anything from enclosing your patio to keeping your cats confined in their own yard by means of a cat proof fence. Maybe a series of cat tunnels starting at your house, and eventually leading to an outside cat house would be more suitable for you.

Cat runs built outside your house, maybe enclosing the side of your house may be an option. Go to the main Cat Enclosures page  to see Adrian's cat enclosure and find out how to put this cat run option into practice. This is such a good idea to use space that normally would be wasted.

Marianna has a great idea with a series of cat tunnels leading to a cat play area. See it on the main Cat Enclosures page.

There are several Australian companies who build cat enclosures and cat runs. Cat tunnels are also a great way to let your cat outside. Netting is another option. You can use the special cat netting to enclose a patio, the side of the house or anywhere you require. Links to the professional cat run and cat enclosure builders are on the main Cat Enclosure page.

See the enclosures and cat runs that the following people have built with tips on cost and materials used.
Angela  has a series of cat modules connected by cat tunnels and aerial runs. She describes how she built this cat enclosure, what it cost and her plans for the future.
Marianna describes how she built her outside cat run from chicken wire and second hand wood. She outlines the materials used and the cost of building her cat enclosure. She has also cat proofed her fences with wire.
Julia  has cat proofed her entire garden to keep her cats safe.
Doreen has used wire mesh on her fences to keep her cats within the confines of her yard. She intends to grow climbing plants over the mesh to give it an aesthetic appeal.
Christina has enclosed her patio with mesh and has lots of shelves and branches for her cats to climb. A cat flap in the window allows her cats to come in and out of the house.
Adrian has a shade cloth fernery along the side of his house. This was easily converted to a cool and pleasant cat enclosure. He also has enclosed the back of his house with access for the cats to go from indoors to outdoors via a cat flap and aerial tunnels.
If DIY is not your forte there are many companies who specialise in building outside cat enclosures and cat runs. Photos and links to their websites. We also have links to sites which have design plans for outdoor cat runs and cat enclosures.
Lots more Photos and ideas on how to build  cat enclosures / cat runs on the main Cat Enclosures page.


Keep your cat safe outside with Cat Netting.



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