Pet Potty Problems
Pee and Poop Problems in Dogs and Cats

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Cat Articles

Homemade Recipe for Cleaning Pet Urine Smells and Stains
Cleaning up cat urine and dog urine smells and stains from carpet using common household products.

Cat Spraying Problems
Male cats spraying behaviour can be more than a nuisance. The problem is not always confined to male cats as female cats can also spray. Tips on how to prevent or stop feline spraying.

Litter Box Problems
10 Tips to help you solve the problem of a cat not using the litter tray. There are many reasons a cat may not use it's litter box.

Potty Training for Kittens
House train your kitten. Easy steps to follow to teach your cat or kitten to use the litter box.

Cleaning Cat Urine from a Mattress
It can be a challenge to remove cat urine from a mattress. Try our home remedy method.

Cat Poop Removal From Carpets
How to remove cat poop stains and smell from carpet.

Litter Box: Choosing the right litter box
Cat litter boxes and trays come in all sizes and forms. Style and features of various designs.

Kidney Disease
Chronic Renal Failure

Causes and Treatment of Kidney Failure or Chronic Renal Disease in Cats.
What are the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure in cats?
Increased urination and excessive drinking are a symptom of FLUTD

Urinary Tract Problems in Cats
What are the symptoms of a cat with a urinary tract infection?
Cats may pass urine frequently, strain to urinate, pass small amounts at a time, and may have blood in the urine.

How to stop Cats Peeing in your Potted Plants
Some tips on how to stop the frustrating habit of your cat using your plants as a litter tray.

Cystitis in Cats
Previously house trained cat suddenly starts peeing in the house? Feline Cystitis is a common cause for cats peeing on things like tiles, beds in basins and bathtubs etc.

Feline Stress
Cats can be stressful creatures and
sometimes this exhibited in inappropriate urination and defecation problems. Some tips on reducing stress in cats.

Cat Enclosures
Let your cat outdoors while at the same time keeping him safe from harm. Lots of photos and ideas.




Dog Articles

Potty Training your puppy or dog
House training your puppy or dog can be easy with a positive approach. No crating required
Prevent your dog Urine Marking inside the house
Territorial urine marking by male and sometimes female dogs can be a problem. Some techniques and tips to stop your dog urine marking in the house.

Adult Dog Potty Training Guide
This article will assist you in house training (potty training) an adult dog.

Why has my adult house trained dog suddenly started
peeing in the house?

A medical cause is the most common reason for an adult dog to suddenly begin urinating in the house.
It is essential to rule out a medical cause first because many of the conditions that commonly cause inappropriate urination can quickly become serious for your dog, leading to hospitalization and even death.

Belly Bands for Male Dogs
Many people experience problems with dogs, (especially small breed dogs) lifting their legs and peeing in the house. Belly bands for dogs can save your carpets and furniture from dog urine stains and odors

Cleaning up Dog Pee from Carpet
Home remedy to clean dog urine from carpets using common household products

Clean up Dog Poop from Carpets
How to remove dog poop stains and odors from your carpet

Submissive Urination
Tips to prevent your puppy or dog peeing when he greets you or when he is scolded.

Diarrhea in Dogs
The causes of diarrhea in dogs and what you can do for it at home

How to get rid of Fleas on dogs and in your house
Understand the flea cycle and get rid of fleas forever. There is no need for your dog to have even one single flea

Danger Foods for Dogs
A list of foods that you should not feed to your dog

Ringworm in Dogs
Symptoms and treatment of ringworm in dogs. Pictures of a dog with ringworm.

Worm Symptoms
When to worm puppies and dogs and the symptoms of a worm infestation.

Arthritis in Dogs
10 Tips to help your dog cope with the pain of arthritis