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Ragdoll Cat Breeders
Australia Only

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Ragdoll  Cat Breed Profile

Please note, Australian listings are in alphabetical order according to state. ACT, NSW, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


“Ragdolls to steal your Heart”
As seen on Better Homes & Gardens with Dr Harry -7 Network,
Mornings with KerryAnne -9 Network and also as featured in
House and Garden Magazine, Australian
Edition, April 2007.
Selectively breeding beautiful, docile kittens in both traditional and
rare colours and patterns, from imported and Australian lines.
Adorable kittens are born and lovingly raised inside our home as part of our family.
Health and temperament always guaranteed.

Enquiries welcome
Mandy Bugeja, Sydney, NSW.  
Website                  Email

Ragdoll Kitten


Reputable Registered Breeders of the Beautiful Ragdoll...
We pride ourselves on our integrity and our holistic approach

Producing many Successful Show Winners
and Wonderful Companions

All our babies are raised underfoot in a family environment!

All Enquiries Welcome     0407859691

Website                   Email


Every kitten is planned and
loved from before they are born.
Breeding gorgeous kittens in variety
of colours and patterns including
the rare minks and solid ragdolls.

Phone: 0400071676

 Website            Email

Ragdoll Cat



Award Winning Imported Lines with Temperaments that
will melt your Heart !! Registered Reputable trusted
Breeder of the World's most Sought After cat


 Email              Website


Ragdoll kittens


Registered boutique cattery specialising in breeding
Ragdoll kittens for type and temperament

Pet, show and breeder kittens available
at most times of the year.
Interstate freight available and
all enquiries are welcome.

Leah Seaton
Newcastle, NSW    0401 790 294

Website               Email




Breeding gorgeous kittens true to type and temperament.
All our kittens are born and raised in our home with love
and attention to ensure beautiful, well adjusted pets.

Hunter Valley/Newcastle

Phone: 0411184985

Website                Email

Ragdoll Cat


Breeding ragdolls and offering kittens at a price that
encourages the ownership of this loveable breed.

Our babies are reared indoors and then allowed to
experience birds & dogs in an outside enclosure.

They are fed a mainly natural diet and come to you
micro chipped /vaccinated and ready to become a
Loveable part of your family.

Phone 0246841235



Ragdoll Cats


Banner above supplied by breeder

Banner above supplied by breeder


We are situated in Lithgow and breed
stunning Ragdolls including the Rare Minks!

We have Chocolate, Blue, Lilac,
Seal and Minks in mitted and points

We are the only breeder in Australia with Sepia Ragdolls

Phone:  0448086614     Enquiries welcome

Website                      Email


Aiming to breed the highest of quality, beautifully
natured Ragdolls. Kittens raised in our family home

Chocolates, Lilacs, Blues, Seals, Cream and Red
Find that purrrfect companion.

(Freight Australia Wide)

Phone Donna Maree:  02 4988 6672

Website                Email

Ragdoll Kittens


Our cats are part of our family and the kittens
are raised with our children and dogs

They are beautiful and healthy and ready
to be part of your family

Phone:  0414 267946

Email           Facebook



Registered Breeders of Traditional & Rare Mink Ragdolls.
Canadian & NZ Imports

We breed for QUALITY not quantity.
All enquires welcome!
'Your Best friend is a Ragdoll.'

Phone: Home: 02 62276053 Mobile: 0431301773
Yass, NSW (40 Mins from ACT)

Website            Email

ragdoll kittens


We are an in-home breeder of the wonderful Ragdoll breed, registered with The Feline Association of Australia Inc.

Our Ragdoll babies are all raised in our home, underfoot,
with undivided care and attention.

Angela:  0400 161 909

Website             Email


Registered Sydney breeder of the angelic ragdoll cat,
breeding for type and affectionate temperament

Stunning kittens available for
adoption into loving indoor homes

Enquiries most welcome

  Website                Email


Registered NSW CFA Traditional Ragdoll Breeder
Breeding Happy Quality Kittens

For a life less ordinary your perfect country kitten awaits adoption from 12 weeks. Kittens come de-sexed,
micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed,
house trained and well socialised.
Free delivery to Canberra, South Coast,
Southern Highlands & Wollongong

Payment options available. Enquiries Welcome
Phone 0434292994
Website        Facebook       Email



NSW (Macarthur Area)

We are a registered breeder with the NSWCFA.

Our kittens are raised in our loving home.
We breed for quality and temperament. We guarantee our
Ragdolls are beautiful, affectionate and healthy.

Phone Melisa 0408 22 44 93

Website                    Email


Everdolls Ragdolls
Banner above supplied by breeder


Oasis Ragdoll Cats
Banner above supplied by breeder


Banner above supplied by breeder



Selectively Breeding and Showing Quality Ragdolls
that TRULY do possess
From 100% Old English and 100% Pure Traditional Lines
Available in all 3 Traditional Patterns
Pointed, Mitted and Bi Colour
and all 4 Traditional Colours, Seal, Blue,
Chocolate and Lilac
All of our breeding cats are tested and
Clear for HCM and PKD
Registered Breeders with QFA 882

Debbie on 07 54955260 or 0419 955 250

Website        Email




Registered Breeders with Q.F.A

"Because everyone needs an Angel...."

We aim to breed healthy, cheeky, blue-eyed balls of fluff,
underfoot in our home for your enjoyment.

Sunshine Coast - Queensland


Ragdoll Cat


established 1986

We are specialising in the Traditional, Laid back,
Big, Placid Ragdoll from Imported and Local Lines.
All Colours are available including Chocolates
and Lilacs from Traditional Lines.

Please feel free to contact us anytime
to view our gorgeous Companions

Website                 Email

Ragdoll Kitten



Hugs N Kisses offers kittens from champion pedigreed lines
for adoption as pets or show/breeders.
These babies are raised with lots of love and kisses.

Traditional & spicy colours & patterns. Vaccinated, vet health guarantee, microchipped, registered QICC, pedigreed, litter trained, loved & hugged.

Dee: Capalaba, Brisbane
07 32455764

Website                   E-mail

Ragdoll Kittens



On the Gold Coast

Registered Australian Breeders of Ragdoll

Committed to the happiness and health of Ragdolls

Kittens raised in the home underfoot.

Call Kim 0421 211 552

Website                  Email






Fraser Coast, Qld

Breeding Superior Quality Pedigree Ragdoll Kittens
 with Exceptional Looks, Temperament & Health.

"True Love is being owned by a Ragdoll"
All vet work complete

Website                      Email


South Australia

Pure Bred Traditional Lines

Our goal in breeding is for their Fantastic Temperament,
Amazing Blue Eyes and Generous Size.

Registered Active Show/Breeders with GCCSA and FASA
Local, Interstate and Overseas inquires welcome.
All Kittens come with their pedigrees

Website                Email

Ragdoll Cat


Breeders of gorgeous, fluffy, healthy,

Only available to loving indoor homes.
All Kittens come with a Health Guarantee
and a copy of their pedigree.
Pet, Show & Breeder kittens available.

Elly & Kym Barton - Meadows, SA
Phone:  08 8388 3689 / 0417 890343

Email                  Website

Ragdoll Kitten


Banner above supplied by breeder


No listed Breeders


Breeder of Quality family raised Ragdoll kittens.
Including the beautiful Chocolate and Lilacs.

Established since 1997 with the Feline Control Council Victoria.

All our kittens are Vaccinated, De-sexed, Microchipped and
are Veterinary checked before going to their new families.

Dineke Ketelaar
Narre Warren Nth. Melbourne Victoria
For more information phone (03) 9796 9957

Website                       E-mail

Ragdoll Kitten


We aim to breed beautiful show quality Ragdolls with purrfect
temperaments. Our Kittens are happy, healthy & all are raised in our
family home with a lot of time, care & love.

Please contact Nicola on:
Phone 0433 448 808
Melbourne, Victoria

Website                       E-mail



Kittens born here develop their
wonderful personality in my home.
With plenty of handling and loving care ,
so they grow in to social loving companions.

Further information on web site.

Phone:  03 59622616 or 0416263629

Website                  Email

Ragdoll Cat


Breeder of the Beautiful Ragdoll Cats

My aim is to breed Looks and Temperament
that has made this amazing breed so popular

My kittens are raised in my home sparing
no cost to their well being

Enquiries Welcome - Contact: Patricia 0357842202

Website                        Email

Ragdoll Cat


Registered Breeder

Well socialised kittens that are born and raised
inside our home as part of our family

Phone: 0412689840


Ragdoll kitten


Banner above supplied by breeder


Banner above supplied by breeder



Western Australia

Western Australia

Healthy , happy, well-adjusted and socialised kittens

All Enquiries Welcome
Phone: 0409 685 798 or 0407 606 023

Website                Email

Ragdoll kittens


We are a small family Cattery dedicated to
raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely
content with living indoors. All our kittens are
raised as part of the family. Health Guaranteed.

Enquiries Welcome

Michele Brandis
Phone: (08) 95347017

Website                    Email

Ragdoll Cat


Healthy, happy kittens and cats bred from traditional lines

Chocolates and lilacs with traditional lines have
now arrived at Fancyrags from Kiwimagic, NZ.

All pet kittens are desexed, microchipped and
fully vaccinated and home raised.

Please email or check our website

Website                    E-mail

Ragdoll Kitten


Valerie Ludbrook
Breeder of Ragdoll Cats

Phone: 0400 822 572

Breeding seal, blue, chocolate and lilac in all patterns.
kittens available throughout the year for pet, show and breeding


Website                        Email


Breeding gorgeous Kittens in
Traditional colours and patterns

Our aim is to breed kitten with the true
Ragdoll temperament and loving nature

45min south of Perth in Waikiki

Phone: 041456310 or 08 95248027


Ragdoll Cat


I am a Registered Breeder of Ragdoll Kittens
Raising these gorgeous Kittens in my home
for the pleasure of their company.

All Kittens are Desexed, Micro chipped,
Vaccinated and litter trained.

Phone: 0458 990 456

Website               Email


Ragdoll Kitten




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