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Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile - Breed Information with Description & Photos

Ragdoll Cat



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Ragdoll History

The Ragdoll breed is believed to have originated around 1965. Anne Baker is reputed to be the original breeder. There are many different stories as to the breed origin of these cats but it is thought to have started with a white Persian and Angora mix cat called "Josephine". Kittens born from Josephine appeared to have a very gentle disposition and a loving nature, magnificent blue eyes and non matting fur. They have a tendency to hang limply in your arms when picked up. Hence the name Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Appearance

The overall picture of the Ragdoll cat is that of a large muscular body, especially in males, large blue eyes, with an aesthetically pleasing solid head and body. Their coat comes in two lengths, one is short the other, medium/long. Both coats are soft and luxurious to touch, similar to that of rabbit fur.

They are a 'floppy' cat as the name Ragdoll suggests and they tend to go limp when you pick them up.

The Ragdoll's fur is non matting so they require very little maintenance and are generally a very healthy breed with no known major health problems. 


Ragdoll Colours and Patterns

Currently the main colours in the Ragdoll are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Cream. They also come in Tortie and Tabby (Lynx) Patterns. Chocolate and Lilac are a lot more difficult to acquire.  

Bicolour - white inverted "V" in the facial mask, white legs, feet, ruff and stomach, point coloured ears and tail.

Colourpoint - facial mask, ears, feet, tail and nose. A colourpoint has no white.

Mitted - White in front paws "gloves" and halfway up in back legs. Chin and chest are white and stomach has a white strip. Sometimes a mitted Ragdoll may also have a white blaze/snip on the nose. 


Ragdoll Characteristics:

Ragdolls are born white and don't obtain their full colour until 2 years of age.

Ragdolls don't reach maturity until at least 3 years of age.

Neutered males weigh about 7-12 kilos and are a large muscular build.

Spayed females weigh about 5.5 - 8 kilos and are slightly smaller.

The Ragdoll's coat comes in two lengths, one is shorter, the other medium/long.

Ragdolls are a very healthy breed with no known major health problems.
Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Kitten

Ragdoll Personality

Ragdolls are extremely docile and love to be held and cuddled. They are usually relaxed in new surroundings and get on well with dogs and cats.  Ragdolls are very affectionate and gentle making them an ideal pet for children.

They have a quiet voice and are playful without being noisy or destructive. Ragdolls are a very laid back cat and become devoted to their owners.

Ragdolls  are strictly an indoor cat, as they have no fight or preservation instincts, they will not defend themselves.

A Ragdoll will want to share everything you do.  They love to be with you.  They are more of a friend than a cat. All they require is lots of tender love and they will give you unconditional love in return.

Photos courtesy of Angel Eyes Ragdolls 

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Kitten


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