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Personality Plus. The Siberian has a very dog like temperament and are very affectionate. They come out to great the visitors in the house and are not shy. They are very intelligent and very quick learners. They also have a triple purr and unlike other breeds have a chirping sound they use when they come to greet you. When they are around water they appear to be fascinated with it and will drop toys into it and play in sinks with water left in. The Siberian makes the ideal lap cat and will live quite happily indoors with you

Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?

It appears that different cat breeds have different levels of the FEL D 1 protein (the protein which is responsible for cat allergies in humans). It is believed that the  Siberian Cat produces less allergens than other breeds. The average cat produces 63,000 micrograms of Fel-Dh1,  It is estimated that the female Siberian produces approximately 200 micrograms of Fel-Dh1 per gram. For more reading: Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

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