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Somali cats have bright, bubbly, energetic and loving personalities. They are very intelligent and active cats, who demonstrate a real devotion to their staff. They are intensely affectionate to their people, and are usually extroverted and enjoy visitors also. These cats make their presence felt - they share their special joie de vivre with the humans in their lives. Somalis often like to sit on your shoulder to supervise what you are doing, will help with the housework - they are great at making the beds!

They readily take to walking on a lead and playing games such as fetch. Although they can be boisterous in play, Somali cats are very gentle, and are excellent companions for older children. They are great family pets as they really give something special to each member. They may not want to sit on a lap for long periods, however they usually want to be close to you to be a part of whatever you are doing. They generally have a lot to get through in a day! One characteristic of many Somalis is the hairdresser gene  they seem to love licking and grooming peoples hair. 

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